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Participants 2019

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Before Event 161933
After Event 1223697
10:00 – 18:00
Single ticket
Group tickets *
2,5 EUR
* A group visit understands arrival of at least 8 persons.
For the group ticket purchasing, the persons list, with their full names, sealed by the company’s official seal and the authorized signature shall be submitted.
Payment shall be made directly to the cashier or to the bank account.
For the proforma invoice obtaining, please contact.
Tel: +381 11 2655 588, 2655 853
You may collect your ticket from the Fair CASHIER OFFICE:
Head Office, office 34
Tel: +381 11 2655 820



Hall 1

Factories of the Future, 4.0 Industry and Smart Factories, tool machines, machining; welding, compressors, measuring equipment, industrial automation, operational systems, robotics, processing equipment; micri&mesu-scale machines; additive manufacturing and systems + 3D Technologies….

Hall 1A

Materials, compressors, surface protection, Scientific-technical literature

Hall 2A

Electrical Engineering, equipment and devices for production of electric power, Telecommunications, Installation, Lighting + LED Technologies, Electronics (power, industrial, household), Thermal Science Engineering – HVAC&R…

Hall 2B

Exhibition of new technologies, innovations, professional and scientific equipment supported by Ministry of Education, Science and Technological development of the Republic of Serbia

Hall 2C

Exhibition of The Serbian Association of Inventors, displays and Exhibition rooms for Accompanying Program

Hall 3A

Water & Gas treatment; transport and logistics; industrial safety & security, packaging + packing equipment

Hall 3

National exhibitions and joint participation, TRANS-BALKAN transport and logistics, metallurgy and foundry engineer


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