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Integra-21st Century Computer Integrated Factory

Full digitalizing, integration and automation of all processes in the value creation chain, starting from the product, design and technological process planning development, form parts manufacturing, mounting, quality control, up to packing, transportation, storing and distribution, are the dominating processes that gradually transform the traditional factory and form the 21st century one.

The 21st century factory is digitalized, flexible, operational, reacting to the market requirements, reconfigurable and capable of fast adapting to the amendments of the globalized manufacturing and business environment, as well as satisfying through intensive technological development and innovation processes the delicate requirements of the economic, environmental and social sustainability.

At the exhibiting space of  Belgrade Fair Hall 1, there will be  the exhibition called  INTEGRA. Within it, many local and international manufacturers will show basic construction blocks of the contemporary, computer integrated factory. 


·         Components and modules for flexible and factory automation

·         Electrical, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic motors and regulators

·         Electronic measuring instruments and devices

·         Programme controllers, process control systems and industrial computers

·         CNC programme controllers, robot controllers, cell controllers

·         Devices and software for programme development and testing, control and monitoring

·         Numerically controlled machine tools, machining and measuring centers

·         Industrial robots

·         Flexible manufacturing cells, as well as systems, plants and production equipment

·         Tools and tool systems

·         Systems and components for automatic assembling, packing and handling

·         Computer aided design equipment and software- CAD/CAM systems

·         Other software products for product design, process planning and production planning and control, ERP

·         Internet

·         Intranet

·         Extranet-solutions for industry

·         Complete factories (know-how)

Electrical Engineering



·         Computer and Peripheral Equipment

·         Network Equipment

·         Application Software


·         lighting systems

·         electrical bulb and lamps

·         led technologies


·         household appliances

·         electric and non-electric devices and accessories


·         Power Electronics

·         Industrial Electronics

·         Home Electronics



·         Measuring Equipment and Instruments

·         Regulation

·         Process Management

KGH-Heating, ventilation and air conditioning devices and equipment

WATER treatment

GAS treatment

Processing technique equipment

·         Apparatures and machines

·         Protection

·         Driving and related wquipment

TRANS-BALKAN (logistics and transport)

·         Integral Transport

·         Industrial Transport

·         Logistics

·         Cutting edge logistic information system and management systems




Surface Protection

Proffesional and scientific equipment

New technologies

Scientific-technical literature

National exhibitions


Annual Conference - ISCP2017

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