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'A Step into the Future' Awards Granted

At the 62nd International Fair of Technics and Technical Achievements, the most successful participants were granted the traditional awards and recognitions 'A Step into the Future'. 
As estimated by Belgrade Fair Professional Jury, the GREAT AWARD 'A STEP INTO THE FUTURE'  was deserved by the following exhibitors:
For the field "Integra":
- Kaldera Company d.o.o. – Republic of Srpska / Bosnia and Herzegovina, for the automatic APGS Anti-hail Station  
- Grindex d.o.o. - Kikinda, for the Cut Grinding Machine Model BBN 300 CNC L
- Proficut d.o.o. - Bački Petrovac, for the Slice with the Option 3D F 45 
 For the field Welding, the awarded one was 
- Proficut d.o.o. - Bački Petrovac, for the Welding Simulator  S/N 00001288
For the field Measuring Equipment and Instruments:
- Mikro Kontrol d.o.o. - Belgrade, for the Yokogawa TDLS 8000 Laser Gas Analyzer 
The Professional Jury also awarded SPECIAL RECOGNITIONS 'A STEP INTO THE FUTURE'  in several categories.
For the field "Integra" – Systems and Components for the Automatic Installation, Packing and Handling, it is 
- Proficut d.o.o. - Bački Petrovac, for the Demonstration Robot Cell for Pick & Place 
For the field "Integra" - Additive and 3D Technologies:
- IZIT d.o.o. - Croatia, for the Stratasys 3D Production System of FDM Technologies
For the field "Integra" – Electronic  Measurement Instruments and Devices:
- INGNS-Inženjering d.o.o. - Novi Sad, for the IFM System for Vibration Monitoring
For the field Processing Technics:
- PPT Inženjering a.d. - Belgrade for the Electric- Hydraulic Generator for the Flat Griffer No 12-123490
- Pneumatic-Flex d.o.o. - Nova Pazova, for the Hydraulic Extruder Generator, mark EK2-01-00-000
- AMIS Maschinen - Vertriebs GmbH - Nemačka, for the Crusher ZHS 850
Belgrade Fair Professional Jury operated consisting of Prof. Dr. Lazar Saranovac (President), Prof. Dr. Dragan Povrenović, Prof. Dr. Dragan Milutinović, Prof. Dr Aleksandar Petrović, Prof. Dr. Vesna Radojević, Docent Dr. Kosta Jovanović.
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